Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fall Workshop

This fall, we had an amazing time at our "Your Wits on Fritz" workshop!  It was more like a full day party... :)  Earlier in the fall, I did some research, as did a friend of mine, and preparation for the event began.  I read some great material on violinist/composer Fritz Kreisler, and put together a 63 question quiz based on some insightful - some wacky - information about his life.  And the students got the quiz and started the open book test.  They were on teams, so they could collaborate and search for answers.  As the day drew nearer, I began sending out some of the answers myself.  And since I had access to information they didn't - yay for music libraries at University! - I knew that they needed some help.  Mr. Bauder also did his homework, and put together a great presentation for us all about the life of Kreisler, the time in which he lived, and the influence on his music.

As the competition began, students put away their papers and drew from their memory and teamwork.  Nearing the final rounds, the wagering of points began...  They did so well - and enjoyed the process!  Of course we had to include a moonlight forest walk, Lasagna dinner, campfire, video documentary, games, tractor rides, and s'mores :)  Maybe you want to teach violin... It's too much fun!

Oh, and by the way, did you know that Fritz Kreisler's wife once bought 2000 pairs of shoes?  Any idea as to what she was planning on doing with those?  Comment and ask if you want to know - and I'll give out the answer!

Fall Workshop 2012