Monday, August 20, 2012

Young Artist World Piano Festival

Summer has been in full swing, and is just starting to wind down.  During this 10 day intensive piano camp, Michael was practicing hard and soaking it all up while I served as a full time "camp counselor," and the rest of the fam enjoyed attending some of the events.  It was a fantastic time of basking in music in a great "musical sleep over" and building new skills and relationships. 

Michael worked up a fantastic concerto for the camp.  Before camp began, he gave an excellent casual performance.  Check it out!

With tons of active grand pianos being diligently practiced upon, intense competitions, musicianship classes, masterclasses, and inspiring performances, the activity was full. But as a counselor that most kids seemed to think was their age - regardless of what their age was - I had a unique and incredibly fun time interacting with them. :) This included everything from straightening collars and fixing hair before they walked out on stage, to see God clearly at work providing for our needs, to reviewing the steps to a proper bow, to talking through the difficult things at any time of day or night, to sharing my faith, to playing ultimate Frisbee and 'round the world ping pong - which was affectionately called the "heart of piano camp" :)

But piano camp was more than piano - though the students often did not leave their musical discussions even on our outing at the zoo!

Me with one of my girls - one of the youngest there - 7 years old.

Michael and a friend in the bus en route to the zoo.  Piano was hard to stay away from - so it was brought along - via the Piano Guys...
Collaborating with one of the students - with all of those fantastic pianists, it was a great opportunity to jam a bit in our tiny amount of "free time."

Subway made some dough on our picnic...

A properly dressed and might bit silly (or shall I say excited?) group of ushers...

The students interacting with a group of older folks that attended their concert

Forum - a game of competing in musical history and listening

More of my girls enjoying a treat

The group of 'round the world ping pong champs.  I guess this time my competitive nature found me in this group...  How I loved their company and fun spirit!

My team for Ultimate Frisbee

Michael's team for Ultimate Frisbee

An example of the perfect way to "wind up" for the night!  It became the  routine.  We would start with about 25 kids, and it always gets exciting when you get to the last few...

Finish your summer strong!!!

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